The Destination is always now.

I have wanted for some time to start a blog but my inner bitch has always said “no …….. what have you got to write about? Who do you think you are? ” and so on. The crazy thing is I obeyed and never started one and kept my writing to a journal. Journaling is a great tool for managing one’s inner characters especially when the journey you are on has lots of waves. However it has always felt like there was something missing, the sharing of ones journey in the hope it may imspire someone else.

So what has changed to encouraged me to start a blog,  practising mindfulness is what has done it.  Who would have thought it, the main thing that I feel is keeping me awake to the now is the one thing that has kept me physiologically alive for my 37 years of life……… Breathing. The secret is I’m now tuning into my breath, welcoming all thoughts, feelings and physical sensations to be present without inner bitch reaching an all time high.

I hope to uncover how mindfulness is helping me through my current childlessness and unleash how mindfulness may help other mental health problems. Areas close to my heart are anorexia, depression, anxiety to name just a few.

Mindfulness for me is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable experiences I may encounter within me. It’s not putting up with the inner dialogue or ignoring it but I believe for me it’s about a curiosity, an interest into “oh I see that has just occurred within me” without an inward attack that spirals my mood to the floor. A little noticing.

I hope to be guided by my day to day experiences and hopefully anyone if they read, they’re suggestions. I hope to take ownership of what I write instead of coming across as a dictator.  Mindfulness and meditation is a personal experience for each and every one of us. I believe this deserves a mindful attitude of kindness and respect too.

let’s see where this journey takes me and you.



Published by

just me

I am a woman with a huge heart for inner clarity and peace for others and myself. I do this professionally as a counsellor for adults and children. However being trained to be with others pain doesn't exempt me from my own. It was my pain that led me to train as a counsellor and since being qualified experiencing being childless which showed me I had more to learn about own self concept.

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